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Meet Your Coach...
Hey, I'm Coach Matt....

Growing up I wasn't "naturally athletic" or that kid with crazy genetics that had a six-pack since he was 5. 

We all knew that kid... and secretly hated him..bastard.

I was the awkward, skinny-fat kid who was really into music and playing the guitar.

Initially, I started lifting weights for two reasons:
1). I wanted more confidence
2). I wanted to stand up to bullies.

It wasn't an easy road as I wouldn't consider myself genetically gifted, but I mastered the basics, did them consistently, and it paid off big time!

No one else will tell you that though.

And that's what drives me a little nuts about this industry. There is always some coach promoting "get abs fast" or "overnight results" or "take this special supplement"... it’s all bullshit and I’m here to cut straight to the point.

This 7-day Jumpstart isn't going to correct years of neglect overnight. It's not a magic bullet. Real results take time. 

Instead, I want you to utilize this jump-start week as a catalyst to propel you forward. It's not going to fix all your problems, but it will get you pointed in the right direction to start seeing sustainable results. 
-Matt Wilbur
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